AuKeeRa Rayne

AuKeeRa Rayne is a Clairvoyant with over 25 years experience doing readings and counseling as well as working with the Divinatory arts, Spirits (and communication with them), Ghosts ( the communication and clearing of them), Past Life Regressions and Guided meditation.

AuKeeRa Rayne

AuKeeRa Rayne was born with her gifts. She grew up hearing and seeing what she believed everyone did. She knew things and those things just made sense to her. AuKeeRa Rayne spoke to her family and friends in her way, but was confused when they did not see how obvious solutions and situations. were. Overtime her friends became frustrated with her as she seemed to be a 'know it all" and her Mom just was not sure what to think. No, she didn't always tell people information as she thought they already knew it like she did and overtime she learned many times people didn't prefer her words and she has no idea why.

She was sure it was the voice of God she heard, she went to church as a devout follower, only to find others there did not walk their walk. And yet, she knew she was spoken too and were sure all other people were too. She thought maybe they were just 'playing dumb'. Religion however, gave her a fear of the spirits she saw, (with the introduction to demons) until she learned there was nothing to fear at all. Eventually AuKeeRa left the church she loved so much feeling disheartened after being told none one could talk directly to God (they must pray to Jesus), being judged for wearing jeans to church (remember this used to not be so cool), and finally when she moved to a new church only to find a youth group who did more sinning then they accused her of, and a pastor (remember all pastors are different) who treated her questions like she had no idea what she was talking about even though it was their specific idea of religion that spurred her interest. This was a very confusing time for her. Her love of what she knew was God kept her faith strong but why were people in a church so seperate from their own faith and strength within it, choosing to judge, rather than accept, live their lives by their belief and love as God loves them.

When AuKeeRa Rayne was 23 she had a reading by a wonderful woman. It was this woman who told her what AuKeeRa saw and heard, other people did not. So AuKeeRa began to test this by telling others what she knew about them.

The information AuKeeRa gave came as a calm knowing to some, and some found it unsettling, but AuKeeRa continued. She started using Tarot cards in hopes of letting people think the cards had the nformation rather than just her. For 10 years AuKeeRa worked with no set price, reading anyone who needed information.

She had deep faith in her gift and the information given to her. Her human life took it twists and turn, AuKeeRa learned more and more about herself, deepening her acceptance of life, others and herself.

Finally when AuKeeRa returned to reading for others she was asked to set a price by the force that guides her (God) and make this her life's work. AuKeeRa, in the deepest humility complied. She stands firmly by her faith and gift. She feels we are all equal in the knowledge we can receive for ourselves and feels she is a translator for the creator (universe) understanding 'they' provide all the information her clients need. AuKeeRa Rayne does not want the credit nor take the credit, nor does she take responsibility for the work to be done by the clients.

AuKeeRa Rayne loves being human, with all the emotion and experience it brings. AuKeeRa Rayne loves her job and is so honored to be chosen for service of the universe.


AuKeeRa is unique in the way that her psychic and intuitive abilities translate into the gifts of being clairvoyant (one with power to perceive beyond the natural senses) as well as a medium (able to speak to those who have passed).
She is like talking to a good friend who has known you your whole life. The Universe also provides solutions through her to aid you to work through the hard situations you may be in. She is truly somethi
ng else and I highly recommend her.

Although she holds no formal psychology, sociology or psychiatry degrees, her insight into the human mind, behaviors and perceptions are astonishing. She simplifies so many things for me and always give me a new perception on my situation. When I leave I feel like I can handle it along with anything else that may come my way.

I have had many readings but never with the amount of information I get from her. I appreciate her deeply especially the fact that she tells me over and over "You don't really need me." I love going to her I only wish I could see her more. I feel so wonderful when I leave her home.

I have found myself sometimes frustrated with her readings. She does tell it like it is and even though I appreciate her insight, it is hard to hear the truth sometimes. I appreciate her supportive manner and the fact that she tapes the reading. I found that as time passed I could see why she said what she did, I am glad I went. This time of change was hard for me, but it was nice to have her (and what she sees) on my side.

I have lost people I love. I know AuKeeRa tells me I can talk to them myself but I love the way her face lights up or tears come to her eyes when she is talking to those I love. I can feel them so close to me. She is such a gift to my life, and my heart.


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AuKeeRa Rayne has lectured and taught in many venues on various subjects such as Reality Perception, 2012, the Ego and it's purpose, Ghosts, Spirits & past lives, Sprituality, Religion, Stress Management, Communication as well as previously being an Esthetics instructor. (her former trade)  She continues to regularly lecture on the radio, syposium, and for various groups.

AuKeeRa Rayne wrote and designed all the workbooks for the courses and holds the copyrights to all of the information used in her courses.  She takes the time to recommend other books and points of view for you to continually develop your own way through life.  AuKeeRa Rayne knows and believes ~ you are your own best teacher.

AuKeeRa Rayne is now on web radio to serve the general public. Her readings and workshops will always be available. Look for the dates, times and links of the shows on the Home page of this website. Click here to listen to past show of "The Psychology of Spirit" which are classes and lecturesnow available on her YouTube channel and "Journey into the Light" where AuKeeRa does over the phone readings for people all over Canada and the US

 AuKeeRa Rayne's book "From Above With Love - Basic Knowledge One" was written in 1996 being taught in courses and published in Feb/2007. AuKeeRa Rayne published her book knowing all people are equally gifted within their needs and are highly capable of living a content fulfilling life. Although the book is currently not in print, various chapters on this website for anyone to access free of charge for personal use only.

AuKeeRa Rayne developed the Reality Perception Therapy© which teaches you how to shift your perception of your world as well as the Third Person Displacement© Meditation Technique which enables you to work on yourself safely in a meditative state to shift your perceptions, let go of fears and face past trauma in order to move forward in your life.  
 AuKeeRa Rayne is a Certified Aromatherapist - qualified to work with essential oils as well as perform Aromatherapy Body Treatments; Certified Massage Therapist, taught in Swedish technique as well as acupressure and Lymphatic Drainage; Certified Pedicurist/Reflexology, holding a specialization course in advanced foot care, Commercial Make-up Artist Certification and finally certification in Electrolysis. She is qualified provincially, nationally and internationally with her CIDESCO certificate which qualifies her in 26 countries around the world and qualifies her as a Journeyman Esthetician in Saskatchewan.

   AuKeeRa believes we all have our own answers and there are no mistakes in life. Therefore all people are being the best they can be all of the time.  AuKeeRa knows and has personal proof in her life that we all shape our own reality. We are not victims in our own lives but the designer of our reality.  Knowing all things are relative, you can learn to see contentment for yourself.  It is your choice to be content or discontent regardless of the situation. Hence there is no need to allow fear or your ego to cloud the fullness of your life experiences.

Yes, life is a an experience but

“Life is not meant to be an uphill climb, it’s just life.”©
AuKeeRa Rayne